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IPAF 1b Training

Commonly used in the telecoms, electrical engineering and tree surgery industries, Static Booms (IPAF 1b) are usually van or trailer-mounted cherrypickers that are manoeuvred into place and stabilised with outriggers before use.

IPAF 1b training course information

The IPAF 1b training course is specifically tailored to equip operators with the knowledge and skills necessary to prepare for and safely operate static boom lifts. This comprehensive program encompasses a combination of theoretical and practical components to ensure that participants are well-prepared and competent in their operation of these specialized machines.

The course begins with classroom-based tutorials where participants receive in-depth instruction on the principles of static boom lift operation. They learn about the machine’s design, components, and safety features, as well as the essential safety guidelines and regulations that govern its use. This theoretical foundation provides a crucial understanding of the equipment and the associated risks, setting the stage for safe operation.

IPAF 1b Training

Demonstrations play a pivotal role in the training, as instructors provide hands-on guidance and showcase best practices for static boom lift operation. Participants get to witness the proper procedures and techniques, reinforcing their knowledge from the classroom sessions. The visual and practical element of this training aids in comprehension and retention of the material.

The hands-on aspect is further developed through practical tests. Operators have the opportunity to operate the static boom lifts under controlled conditions, putting their knowledge and skills into action. These tests help them become familiar with the machinery’s controls, movement, and stability, enabling them to handle real-world scenarios with confidence.

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